Emma’s CoronaVirus Tips

Hey guys, as you have probably know, the CoronaVirus has been contaminating the earth. Today i am going to give you some tips on how to avoid it for now. I am extremely worried for my mum because she is a NHS worker and so far she hasn’t worked with Covid-19 patients yet but she says she might have to. At this time she and her friends are trying to keep their ICU (Place in the hospital) ‘Corona free’. But enough about her and what about you! I haven’t heard from a lot from you’s lately so when you finish reading this post want you to drop a comment to say if you are ok, or.. not ok.

So enough rambling and here are me tips:

  • Wash your hands regularly or use a hand sanitiser
  • Β Stay 2 metres away from anyone who does not live in your house
  • Go out for exercise once a day, either inside or outside
  • I’m currently listening to the news while i’m writing XD
  • Only commute if you absolutely have to
  • Only go shopping for essentials


Did you know there is a big up side to all this? You know how the Ozone layer was breaking up? It has started to mend itself!! Also, plastic pollution has cut immensely! This is my favourite part of the Corona Virus! The best thing is, when this is all over, people will come out as better, more fit, more eco-friendly people!!

Stay safe!!
Love ya all!

One thought on “Emma’s CoronaVirus Tips

  1. BTW me and my family are fine, my sec. cousin is recovering from covid-19 and my mum is also fine if anyone was wondering

    Stay safe!!
    Emma XOXO

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