Day 22 of Covid-19 lockdown 😷

Hey guys, I’m slowly going insane in my house.

So, I haven’t did a life blog post in ages, so here is day 22 in lockdown (BTW I had to look what day Ireland went in lockdown so there. Also my math skills are starting to go and i have to take a big test in November.πŸ™ˆ)
So day 22 has been as boring as any day so this will be a pretty short post. But what happened today was, I got up late as normal, went down and had breakfast as normal, you don’t have to read the details.
After that i did a bit of school work (even know we were meant to be off this week) in that time I did a whole 40 question paper in math which took some time. Then my mum got a call from her work friend so i got to do what i wanted for a bit, so i looked up Hannah Martin on YouTube and embarrassingly a video auto played while my mum was on the phone so like ‘oops’


Well guys, that was probably the most exciting part of my day,

~Stay Safe~ Emma

One thought on “Day 22 of Covid-19 lockdown 😷

  1. Who wants me to do more life blogs? BTW I was in a rush when I wrote this so next ones will be better

    ~Stay Safe~

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