Crazy room!/All my clothes are in the wash!

OMG, everybody, I got no clothes to wear and I going to the beach today! Maybe I could sneak down to hoke in the washing for my bikini? Oh yeah, I forgot it was covered in milk so it definitely needs washing.

So just to be sure, I checked my bikini drawer and only THE cutest bikini top was in there. So then I checked my bottoms drawer and found a pair of denim shorts hidden in a corner! Mom must have finished ironing them. After that I hoked my sunglasses and big, shady, floppy sunhat out and of course, my flip flops! I popped my hair in two pigtails and got changed out of my PJ’s and into my clothes. But right then my Mom came up the stairs and told me to tidy my room before we went to the beach *groan*. I don’t like tidying my room.

So I told myself to do it one thing at a time. So I tried to do it but I must of dozed off a bit XD! 3 hours later I finished my room and my Mom was raging at me because I haven’t even had breakfast  yet and it’s 10:45am! We are going at 10 to so were there for 11. That is only 5 minutes! ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Panic attack!

OK, it is all OK now , I am at the beach, relaxing and loving life.


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