♡︎ ♥︎ Fun things to do at a sleepover!! ♡︎ ♥︎

Hi yall!!!!

Today I made a list of things you can do the sleepover. I mean I know you can’t go on a sleepover at the moment with this thing going on but I know that you can plan for it and you could do some things like this at home with your siblings, parents, even FaceTime calls with your friends. Let’s get into it!!!!












Here, if you for some reason you can’t see the pic, I’ll rewrite it here


1. Try to hypnotise each other
2. Do a hypnotic video
3. Play truth or dare
4. Have a midnight feast
5. Have a mini dance party
6. Do stuff blindfolded
7. Film a video
8. Check for ghosts
9. Make up new foods
10. Tell scary stories
11. Blindfolded makeover
12. Pillow fight
13. Watch a movie
14. Make diys
15. Prank wars

Stay safe yall

Xx Emma xX

5 thoughts on “♡︎ ♥︎ Fun things to do at a sleepover!! ♡︎ ♥︎

  1. I know we can’t have a sleepover, but that doesn’t stop you from having fun with you siblings, parents, your pet, even your friends through face time!!

    Xx Emma xX

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